Best Natural Cold Remedy

Introductory content.

Hydrogen Peroxide Cold Cure

Yes that’s right hydrogen peroxide (3%) can cure

your common cold in my experience 90% +

success rate !

Now the first time I heard about hydrogen

peroxide started about 7 years ago, so,

around 2013.

For some reason one day I was thinking I wonder

if there is a cure for the common cold ? There

must be a cure for the common cold and maybe

the powers to be are not telling us !

So, I decided to Google something like natural

cure for the common cold and there it was !

I came upon this blog about a doctor.

Hydrogen Peroxide Miracle Cure

In 1928 Richard Simmons MD hypothesized colds

and flu viruses enter the body through the ear

canal not through the eyes nose or mouth as

most had believed.

However, his findings were dismissed by the

medical community.

Also in 1938 German researchers had great

success using hydrogen peroxide but their data

has been ignored for over 60 years. This might be

because there is not much money to be made

selling hydrogen peroxide. You can buy a small

bottle of hydrogen peroxide (473ml) for about

$ 3.00 Canadian and it comes in a dark bottle

because it’s potency can expire over time so keep

that in mind it doesn’t last forever.

Natural cold treatment

So, with this new found information about a

natural cold cure I was excited to see if it worked.

As luck would have it my wife who rarely gets a

cold got one about a week later ! This was my

chance to try the hydrogen peroxide cure.

I bought a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. I told my

wife about what I read on Google about the cure

and she agreed to my experiment. I put a towel

over my wife’s shoulder to catch any drips coming

from her ear and removed the bottle cap and filled

the cap with hydrogen peroxide and with my wife’s

head tilted I poured the cap of peroxide into my

wife’s right ear, she said it’s cold. When I did her

left ear I filled the bathroom sink partially with hot

water and warmed the plastic cap in the water for

half a minute before putting the peroxide in the

cap this made the peroxide a little warm and much

more pleasant for my wife when I poured it in her


I did this little experiment around 8 pm. Well in the

morning I asked my wife how she felt and she

checked her throat swallowed and smiled and said

it’s gone no more sore throat I feel great no more


The funny thing is that when my wife got to work

her friend who also had a cold asked my wife you

don’t sound like you have a cold anymore. My wife

told her that my husband put some stuff in my

ears and it took my cold away!

When I picked up my wife from work that day she

told me her friend would be calling me to do the

same thing to her to se if it would take her cold


Sure enough I got the call and I agreed to do

the Hydrogen peroxide cure on her on one

condition. She had to text me the next day if she

was cured of her cold. She agreed and I performed

the procedure. The next day she texted me and

sure enough she said her cold was gone and she

thanked me and after that people at my wife’s

work place started calling me doctor John !

The next time I got to try the hydrogen peroxide

cure was almost a year later. My wife and I had

gone on a trip to the orient. Now I felt ok when I

got on the plane for the 11-hour flight home but

when I got home I had a bad sore throat and a

congested head.

Now it was the third day after coming home from

the trip when I woke up in the morning still with

my cold and sore throat. So I thought wait a

minute, I should try the hydrogen peroxide cure !

So, at 10 am I put some hydrogen peroxide in both

ears for 2 minutes. Now I had read that the sooner

you do the treatment the better. When you put the

H. P. in your ears you will usually hear more

crackling noise in one ear more than the other.

This is normal that noise is the H.P. killing the

bacteria and viruses in your ear before they get

into your eustachian tubes. It connects the middle

ear to the nasopharynx, which consists of the

upper throat and the back of the nasal cavity. It

controls the pressure within the middle ear

making it equal with the air pressure outside the


I am certified as a scuba diver by N.A.U.I. so I

know If you are a scuba diver this is very

important for they have to equalize ear air

pressure every 10 feet by squeezing their nose

and blowing air to equalize ear air pressure or

they will be in trouble, so, hopefully some scuba

divers will read this and use this cure. You cannot

scuba dive if you have a cold because you may

not be able to equalize.

Natural Cold Remedy

So, in closing the hydrogen peroxide is a natural

cold cure that has worked for me and my friends

more than 90 % of the time.

Just the other day I was at my accountants house

and he said he must have got a cold from being

outside in the cold the other day watching the

polar bear swim, even though he wore a hat.

However, he did not wear a hat that covered his

ears like a toque I wore.

So, I said I could give him the hydrogen peroxide

cure, I had told him about it before.

So, as we started to head to his washroom to do

the treatment his daughter who is a doctor and

was visiting said wait, what are you going to do ? I

quickly explained and my accountant said is it ok?

She said ok that’s fine and I proceeded with the


The next day when I visited my accountant he said

my cold is gone, no more sore throat and he

shook my hand and said thanks!

The treatment really works! Another success


As of this date it has been about 5 or 6 years now

that I have not had a cold, if I feel I maybe getting

a sore throat I use hydrogen peroxide.

So, remember only use 3 % hydrogen peroxide !

it does come in much stronger percentages like

27% and 30% but don’t use these they will burn

your skin.

Always consult your doctor before trying anything

this cure may not work everytime or even for you.