Chlorella the Super Food

Chlorella Natural Cancer Remedy?

First of all, let me tell you a little about chlorella, it is a single celled fresh water algae, yuck, no wait, it’s good for you!

Chlorella comes in a pill or powder form and has been used in the Orient for hundreds of years.

If you never took any vitamins and just took chlorella you would be eating food that is rich in many vitamins and minerals and that’s about all you would need for a vitamin supplement, it’s that good!

Now the heading says cancer remedy, well I can only go by a true story that happened to a friend of my brother.

Lets just say his name is Bob, he did excavating for new homes that my brother built.

Bob was a big man and operated these heavy-duty machines.

Every month or so Bob would phone my brother and ask if he wanted to go for lunch at their favorite restaurant, this went on for years.

One day Bob phoned my brother to go for lunch as usual only this time he told my brother he had cancer and the doctor said he had 3 months to live.

Bob, of course was really depressed, and my brother wished him the best and said if there was any way he could help, let him know.

Well, my brother never heard from Bob for about a year and wondered what happened to Bob and was kind of afraid to call him.

Then, about the same time he was wondering what happened to Bob, my brother gets a call from a man yelling on the phone, “how you doing, it’s Bob, you want to go for lunch?”

My brother was very surprised! He said, “Bob, I thought you died from cancer.”

Bob said, “I will tell you all about it at lunch.”

Well, at lunch Bob went on to tell my brother he heard about chlorella and how it might help detoxify his body and help fight the cancer.

So, Bob went on to tell my brother that the recommended dose per day was around 6 tablets but Bob said he took about 24 tablets a day.

So, after about 4 months of taking the chlorella, Bob said his doctor told him the cancer was gone! Yes, gone, no more cancer, so Bob kept taking the chlorella but in the regular dosage and is still alive today many years later like over 10 years later.

My brother was so taken by Bob’s story that to this day my brother takes chlorella every day.

I am not saying Chlorella is a cancer cure, but that’s my true story. If you have cancer, please see your doctor before trying any food supplements.

Bob just may have got lucky, but chlorella is powerful!

Natural Food Detox

Chlorella is full of minerals, amino acids, trace minerals, chlorophyll, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids and several building blocks of nutrition.

Chlorella has one of the highest concentrations of chlorophyll which is an amazing detoxifier for your blood and supports the flow of oxygen throughout your body.

Chlorophyll also detoxifies your body of pollutants like lead and mercury, mold and many others.

It also contains magnesium which helps in brain and nervous function while aiding in removal of toxic buildup of carcinogens in the central nervous system.

It also helps to regulate insulin in your body.

Chlorella also contains zinc and GLA and essential nutrients which aid in healthy cell membranes.

Chlorella grows very fast. It can quadruple in quantity every 20 hours this is due to CGF chlorella growth factor programmed into it’s DNA.

Chlorella has nutrients that help to heal, repair and boost tissue growth.

Weight Loss Naturally

Researchers have found that chlorella lowers body fat, improves cholesterol levels and reduces blood glucose levels.

Chlorella also improves enzyme activity and in several genes also that are involved with fat metabolism.

Also, found to improve symptoms of breast cancer, skin conditions and fatigue and protects against inflammation and infection, quite a list and many more, read up on it you will be impressed.

Chlorella Prevents Viruses from Penetrating Your Body

The Japanese discovered that chlorella increases the protective antibodies in our body’s and 95% of all infections start through the mucous membranes.

Chlorella prevents viruses from entering into your body.

Chlorella can help if you are involved in intense exercises, like an athlete. It helps to replenish vitamins and minerals lost from strenuous exercising.

Now, if you have read any of my previous posts you will know that I want people to be aware of food supplements that will help you live a longer and healthier life.

I highly recommend chlorella as food supplement, it’s really a super food!

Any food supplements I talk about in my posts, I have taken or am presently taking. So, when I tell you chlorella is a super food I am talking from experience.

Many of my friends are taking chlorella because of me. They, like myself have noticed increased energy. Myself, I take about 10 tablets a day.

When I first started taking chlorella in the amount I do today (in the past I only took a couple of tablets a day) a few years ago, I noticed increased energy and an over all warmer body.

This was something new for me, because I normally always had cold hands and feet, but chlorella has helped me a great deal!

So. if you calculate your food intake in one day. like protein, iron, vitamin c, vitamin b, etc., add up all your meals, breakfast, bacon and eggs, with toast and hash browns with 3 cups of coffee, pretty standard for the average American.

You will find that it is very low in nutrition.

Then add up your lunch and dinner meals and calculate the nutrition you ate, you will probably find you need to supplement your diet.

This is why chlorella is my favorite all time food supplement. If your body is running at it’s peak performance because you are feeding it good nutrition you will have fewer colds and illnesses and have more energy and feel much better in general.

Recently, several of my friends had come down with very bad colds and I was with them and never got a cold. not even close.

I am sure, I owe this to the chlorella and all the other vitamins I am taking all these years.

Take Chlorella!

You won’t regret it!