How to Boost your Energy Naturally

Before you take any vitamins you need to do this first

All the vitamins in the world will not help you that much if your body is not in balance. What do I mean by this?

Well if you go to your doctor and tell him you don’t feel good, he or she will check a lot of your vital signs. The doctor will check your blood pressure, reflexes, eyes, ears, throat and then probably send you to the lab to check your blood and urine and maybe your heart. At least that’s what my doctor does plus they will probably give you a bag to take home to put a sample of your excrement or in other words your poop. So after all this and more perhaps what if you still feel tired and lethargic?

How do you boost your energy

Your doctor could send you to the lab to do additional tests for how much iron in your blood or any of a number of things.

However, I have never had a doctor check to see which foods you are sensitive to or allergic to. Your doctor will send you to a specialist to check for this if you ask.

What if you want to check for foods that you have a hard time digesting? You know those foods that cause you to have heartburn or a feeling of an upset stomach. What if you could do a simple test to check which foods were hard to digest and which foods were easy to digest?

This test does not require pin pricks on your arm to see which foods react to you harmful way but a simple blood test. This test is called a Food Antibody Assessment IgG. I took this test quite a few years ago. The doctor took some of my blood and sent it to a lab. This lab apparently had a very expensive computer that diagnosed my blood. About a week later the doctor went over the results. The doctor gave me 6 pages of readings plus a 7th page of recommendations. The 6 pages were color coded as to which foods I was more or less sensitive to.

These food sensitivities went from none detected to very low, to low, to moderate to high. I had none in the high range and 1 in the medium range egg yolk, 2 in the low range egg white and chocolate and about 21 in the very low range. Now what does this mean? The doctor told me if I remove these food groups from my diet my digestive system will work better!

The doctor also told me that if I do not eat any of these food groups for 6 or 8 months or maybe even a year my body may lose the memory of these food groups. I did this and at the time I weighed a little more than normal for my 6 foot frame 195 pounds. Well in 3 weeks or less, feeling unusually great healthwise I was surprised to find that I weighed a very amazing 175 pounds, wow! I never dieted and I was eating a lot, but just not these food groups. All this with no vitamins. The doctor did give me a list of enzymes and immune booster ideas to help my digestive system.

There is also another way to test for food sensitivities

Some years later still staying under 190 pounds around 186, I heard of another food sensitivity test without the use of blood and no pin pricks. This method is called MSAS, the Biomeridian Stress Assessment System. This is an FDA approved machine to evaluate your body’s health. The machine detects heat build up in the same meridians that acupuncture uses. It can tell you what foods you are sensitive to and what organs are not healthy. It measures electrical conductivity at the acupuncture meridian points on the skin. When the body is stressed it gives off excessive heat in the organs and system.

This machine gave more information than the blood test and many food groups were the same as the blood test. I highly recommend getting this test done you will be amazed how much better you feel if you eliminate the food groups that don’t agree with you. You should consult your doctor for a full diagnosis.

What about Lectins

Not too many people know about lectins and it’s too bad because they can really make you sick! These foods some people believe are responsible for leaky gut syndrome a condition which is marked by very small holes in your stomach. Yes holes this allows food to go right into your blood stream, and what if it’s food that doesn’t digest well in your body?

You will be surprised at what foods are high in lectins. Some of these are tomatoes, potatoes, string beans, carrots, zucchini, green peas, soy beans, mung beans, lentil sprouts and more. Please check out lectins on google to find out more about how serious these lectins are to your health.

Do you know your blood type

Well, if you don’t know your blood type please see your doctor as soon as possible, it’s’s important to have this info if you get sick and need an operation. My blood is o negative, some years ago I found out that this is the oldest blood type. The other thing I didn’t know was that also determines what types of food groups your body digests better or what types of foods are best suited for your blood type. Before I found this out I remember eating food that were too processed or too many things cooked into the food.

In other words if I have to ask, is this mashed potatoes? Then it’s a little too fancy for me. I like the basic foods like Chinese food beef and broccoli etc., you get the idea. So check out google for the Blood Type Diet you will be surprised. I will be talking about this in more depth in future posts.

What Vitamins Can Boost Your Energy

Well, as I said earlier all the vitamins in the world will not help you that much if your body is out of balance. So please check out the above info if you want to start having more energy and want to feel a lot better physically and probably mentally as well. Somebody once said know thy self. If you are not feeling good this a good start to better health, After this I will be talking about which vitamins etc., that can make you feel better than you ever imagined.

To your best health ever!


Founder of Vitamins for a Longer Life