How to get rid of gallstones naturally !

How I got rid of my gallstones !

My story starts way back in the early 70s. I was a

young man working in a large national real estate

office of about 60 salespeople.

Every day was fascinating and something new to

learn. There were so many interesting older

people working in that office .

One day the office which was only half full that

morning and fairly quiet, I was startled with a

shaking noise. It was Sylvia an older lady who

was always very friendly and funny. She was

shaking a glass jar and yelling really loud I got my

gallstones out !

People in the office including myself started to

walk up to Sylvia and ask her what have you got

in the jar ? She said I got my gallbladder taken

out and here are all the stones that were inside it


When I looked into the jar I was amazed to see the

stones they were very colorful. They were many

small stones the size of a bee bee like shot

gun bee bee’s. each stone was a little different in

color some yellow some blue some green and

then mixed colors and they would make up one

larger stone the size of a small marble and some

stones the size of a pea.

Sylvia took some stones out of the jar and

let us touch them they were very hard .

Fast forward several years later in the late 70s.

I often visited my favorite health food store and

became friends with Lyle the manager.

We often discussed health foods and vitamins. I

had been taking all kinds of vitamins since I was

19 years old and new quite a bit about the effects

vitamins can have on your body. Also, how taking

too many vitamins can also be detrimental .

I had read about what too much vitamin D did to 3

hunters in the arctic that killed a polar bear and

ate his liver. They basically overdosed on

Vitamin A. They didn’t know that a 500 gram or

approx. 1.1 pounds of the bears liver has nine

million international units( I.U. ) of vitamin A and

that human acute toxicity level is at 300,000 I.U. !

So, it’s important to know what you’re taking, read

the labels and I.U. and where and what they are

sourced from and how much is a safe amount to


Remove your gallstones with olive oil and lemon juice

One day when I went to see my friend Lyle, he

said, do know that you can get rid of your

gallstones with olive oil and lemon juice ?

Now, this got my interest remembering Sylvia

from my office years earlier had to have her

gallbladder removed full of gallstones. Just by

coincidence a friend of mines 18 year old son had

his gallbladder and stones removed at the same

time as Sylvia but he was about 45 years younger

than Sylvia. Getting Gallstones has a lot to do

with your diet but not always.

Removing my Gallstones

Well I decided to try this olive oil and lemon juice

removal remedy ! So here it is, I bought one pint

of pure virgin olive oil and 10 lemons.

I planned my gallstone removal experiment about

a week later. So, I had a light breakfast and a salad

for lunch then no dinner as the book said from

the health food store.

At 7 pm that night I sat at my kitchen table and

had 2 tablespoons of chilled olive oil, (it tastes

better if you chill it in the fridge) followed by 1

tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice which

tastes so good after the olive oil !

So, every 15 minutes 0live oil then lemon juice

until I almost finished the olive oil, not very

pleasant. At about 10 pm I went to bed trying not

to think of all that olive oil I drank .

My gallstones start moving

I went to sleep quite easy but at about 4 am I felt

something move in my stomach. At first I didn’t

think it was anything but then I felt it again and

again. It was like a bunch of marbles were rolling

around in my stomach area.

At first it was 2 or 3 or 4 movements then it was

like 10 or 15 movements coming from my stomach

going around in circles. This went on for 20 to 30

minutes, it was one of the weirdest feelings I have

ever experienced.

After all this movement going on in my stomach I

fell back to sleep only to wake up a few hours

later with a great urge to go to the bathroom.

My Gallstones came out !

I could not believe my eyes when I looked into the

toilet ! There in the toilet bowl was about a cup or

more of these very colorful little stones just like

Sylvia’s . I had to scoop a few stones out of the

toilet to show my friend Lyle .

He was quitesurprised and amazed that I had tried

the olive oil and that it worked. I have recently

tried the olive oil but no result but I did not drink

anywhere close to a pint of oil, so maybe that’s

why it didn’t work but I will try it again in the near

future. Also you are supposed to do the oil

treatment twice to makesure all the stones come

out .

In conclusion

Please do not try this method without consulting a

Doctor, the human body is very complicated and it

could be dangerous to your health.