Live Blood Analysis for Longevity


What is Live Blood Analysis ?

Live blood analysis basically takes a drop of your

blood and places it between 2 glass slides where

it is examined under a microscope which can then

be shown on a TV. This is called dark field

microscopy. It is claimed that it can be used for

the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of a

disease or weakened or damaged part of your

body and also give you an assessment of one’s


This method called dark field microscopy started

in 1925 by Gunther Enderlein and subsequent

proponents were Robert O. Young.

The first to observe blood under a microscope

was a Dutch naturalist Jan Swammerdam (1637-

1680) this method has not changed and is still

used today.

Live blood analysis however records your blood

and checks any anomalies with a data base of

thousands of blood images.

Now my experience with live blood


Recently at the advice of a friends girlfriend in

march 2022 who had great success in losing

weight and feeling much better with this method

I made an appointment with the live blood

analyst. I had never heard of this before but have

had my blood analyzed for food allergies.

So, this blood analysis has been in business for

25 years and is located a little over a mile from

where I live. It took me almost 3 months to get

an appointment with this man that’s how popular

he is. He also told me that he was married and

raised two children on the income from his

business. In any business this is usually a good

sign that this man must be providing a good

service. The proof is in the pudding as they say.

There are many out there that will say that there is

no scientific proof that this method works, I

disagree and was totally blown away with his

analysis of my health and I have already noticed

an over all better feeling.

I was also told to bring any vitamins I was

presently taking. Upon examining them he

commended a few more that helped my nails big

time they are so much stronger now and I also

have more energy.


When I finally got to see this live blood analyst

he said I don’t want you to tell me what your

health problems are I will examine your blood and

tell you what I see and you can later tell me how

accurate I am. Okay, this sounded fair enough.

Then the analyst took a drop of blood from me

by pricking my finger and put the drop of blood

between 2 glass slides and viewed my blood

under a high-powered microscope magnified

about 1,000 times and connected to a large tv

 where I was able to see my blood cells moving

around on the TV. Pretty cool! Not

                        quite  as big as in this picture a little smaller and a

                        lot more cells hundreds of them moving around      

I had never seen this before and right away the

analyst said I need to drink more water. It was

my blood cells not moving on the left and right of

blood drop on the TV In the middle of the blood

drop the blood cells that were round and

according to him quite normal in shape and were

moving freely like bumper to bumper traffic.


Now I thought that was weird cause I always take

a small thermos of water with me in my car and I

thought I was drinking enough water daily but

when I thought about it I realized that maybe I

wasn’t drinking enough water? So the next day I

started counting in detail how much water I was

drinking every day.

Water is Very Important for Our Health

I know when my mother was in the nursing home

years ago she got so dehydrated from not

drinking enough water that she almost died. She

ended up in the hospital for 3 days and it took a

day and a half before she was able to talk, pretty

scary. So water is very important and I read after

her incident that a lot of people in nursing homes

actually die from lack of water.

Water Statistics

Apparently 75% of Americans are chronically


In 37% of Americans, the thirst mechanism is so

weak that it is often mistaken for hunger.

Even mild dehydration will slow down one’s

metabolism as much as 3%.

One glass of water shut down midnight hunger

pangs for almost 100% of the dieters in a U –

Washington study.

Lack of water is the # 1 trigger of daytime fatigue.

Preliminary research indicates that 8 – 10 glasses

of water a day could significantly ease back and

joint pain for up to 80% of suffers.

A mere 2% drop in body water can trigger fuzzy

short term memory, trouble with basic math and

difficulty focusing o a computer screen or on a

printed page.

Drinking 5 glasses of water daily decreases the

risk of colon cancer by 45%, plus it can slash the

risk of breast cancer by 79% and one is 50% less

likely to develop bladder cancer.

Water formula – weight divided by 2 = number of

(oz) of water that should be consumed daily

1 oz = 30 ml

Only drink 4 oz at a time. If you are doing any type

of sports and or activities you may consume

more then 4 oz’s at a time.

For more info of the importance of water visit


So, I digressed but like I said I started taking my

water drinking seriously.

The blood analyst also does iridology. He looked

into my eyes and said there is something going

on with your prostate and your right shoulder?

He also said that a ring around my eyes shows

some inflammation in my body.

Upon examining my blood he backed up his

diagnosis of a little too much yeast in my blood

and pointed out the cells on the TV that had yeast

and those cells actually looked different then the

normal cells our cells should be round but these

cells although round had a little bit of white on

top part of the cell

So, about 3 years ago I tore my small bicep

muscle on my right arm. Also, about 3 months

before this appointment I had a biopsy on my

prostate but it was negative but I have a slightly

enlarged prostate. Quite amazing that he could tell

me this!


Now he also did what is called a dry blood

analysis and also known as an oxidative stress test

where the blood is allowed to clot and dry on the

glass slide. It was explained to me that it is like

looking at our body in layers and near the bottom

of my body and about the centre of the dry blood

drop there was a white spot where no blood was

present. The analyst said you also have a problem

with your lower colon diverticulitis. I do have a

problem with my colon in irregularity which was

true! Again quite remarkable all this info from a

drop of blood.

I was also given a dozen or so of printed info to

take and read about what I had just experienced.

These papers went into great detail about many

parts of the inner workings of the body such as

The digestive system

The eliminative system

The glandular system

The nervous system

The lymphatic system

ph in foods acid, alkaline etc.

He also gave me info on herbs and vitamins I

should take. I did buy a few bottles but I already

take a lot of vitamins for years and I had some he

was prescribing. His vitamin supplier has some

good vitamins not that mine are not but mine are

a lot cheaper and very similar. I did buy one bottle

of psyllium plus 1973 mg which is a powder and it

also has clove flower bud 12mg, licorice 11 mg,

hibiscus sabdariffa 193 mg and bentonite clay

powder 11 mg.

The bentonite clay I was told was a very important

part as it helps with getting rid of yeast in your

body. The whole combination helps with


So I already take a lot of vitamins since I was 19

years old and December I turned 72. I have been

called a vitamin nut by a few people and I have

tried quite a few things in my life,fasting, juicing

(I use to buy 50 pound bags

of carrots from the farmers), vegetarian diet for

about 1 1/2 yrs , tried hyperbaric chamber, blood

test for food allergies, vega test machine for food

allergies( which came up with the exact same

result as the blood test and a lot cheaper. $ 125.00

for vega test and got results in 45 minutes. Blood

test $ 400.00 and took 5 days to get my results.

The doctor did the blood test, the Naturopath did

the vega test.mmm

I also had an operation for a cataract and had a

new multi focal lens inserted and the operation

only took 5 minutes and I didn’t even need to take

off my shoes just walked in and out in 10 minutes

and I don’t need glasses quite amazing!!!

I also had a burst appendicitis which one can die

from but apparently my surgeon said I must have

a good immune system because it was burst for

about 3 days! I was in the hospital for 7 days.

I have been told by quite a few people that I don’t

look my age. At 72 yrs old my blood pressure is

great about 105 over 65, my weight is 180 lbs for

a six foot frame and I feel great. Check me out on 

Facebook look up John Pavich. I do have a bit of

arthritis but I take some amazing vitamins for it

like turmeric, caprylic acid, pau d arco,

glucosamine with chondroitin and msm just to

name a few. The msm and caprylic acid works


A few months later I went back to the analyst and

once again he checked my blood. This time it was

quite amazing! All my blood cells were moving

around like crazy. None of my blood cells were

stationary and hardly any cells with white on top

which he had explained before was yeast. The

analyst was very surprised how much my blood

had improved! So he said keep doing what I was

doing taking the vitamins and taking the powder

with the bentonite clay and he would see how my

blood looks in another 3 months. The initial visit

was a little more than an hour and was $135.00

Canadian, subsequent visits are $85.00. I also got

a 5% discount on the few vitamins I bought the

first time because my friend had referred me. I

thought that was a nice gesture.

In conclusion

I wish I had known about this live blood analysis

method years ago. I learned which vitamins I

needed to take for better health which is important

otherwise your taking vitamins you don’t really

need. It’s another barometer of your health that

you can see in a matter of minutes which is pretty


So, I would highly recommend anyone interested

in their health to give this method a try.

There will always be people against all sorts of

methods to help you have better health. Years ago

I started going to a chiropractor from a car accident at

19 yrs old 

a violent rear ender and some of my

friends said oh you go once and you will always

need to go to a chiropractor and they are not even

doctors, ouch.  well, it really helped me! Years ago

I took my brother bent over and in

severe pain from a back pain he suffered lifting a

heavy piece of wood. One treatment from my chiro

and he was standing straight and feeling much

better. He followed that first treatment with 2 more

and that was it. Of course he did go once in a

while but many months later. You can throw your

back out easy sometimes. I was juggling 3 balls

once and reached to far for one and lower back

pain. Something I will talk about in a future blog.

My brother was one of many I convinced to see a


Let me know if you try the live blood analysis and

what you experienced, leave a comment or

personally email me at

                                                     Thank you