Naturally Reverse Ageing

Cucumbers and Broccoli

Your body’s health depends on how well your

body digests food and uses the energy.

We still do not know why but the body loses its

ability to make energy from our cells as we age.

Foods Rerverse Aging

Some foods that contain anti-aging enzymes are

broccoli and cucumbers.


have found

that there is

a natural


in them that

helps to

convert food into energy. This compound can

make cells act younger.

This means that because cells convert food into

energy better it can help with weight loss, blood

sugar levels and maybe even your eyesight. It

can slow down the physiologic decline.

However, to get any anti-aging results you would

have to eat a lot of broccoli and cucumber for a

long time for any significant anti-aging results.

There are scientists that can give injections of the

compound for more immediate results and have

done so on mice but more tests are needed, who

knows what the future will bring ?

Reverse aging with Enzymes

Enzymes start biological reactions in your body

without being changed in the process.

They are all different and all start a different

process in the body.

They work very

efficiently in the body, a

small amount creates a

large reaction. Some

reactions may be

multiplied by a million or


There are many different

enzymes that Our bodies

produce. Enzymes are

also present in the food we eat. So it is important

to chew your food thoroughly even though our

stomachs also have enzymes.

Our intestines and pancreas also contain


There are digestive enzymes that basically break

down carbohydrates and proteins into smaller

particles. Enzymes are not live organisms and

are proteins but not all proteins are enzymes.

As we get older we need more digestive enzymes

because our bodies production of enzymes slows

down. So we need to take a supplement either by

pill form or from a good food source.

Fountain of Youth Enzymes

Some good food sources are :

Pineapple, contains bromelain

Papaya, contains papain

Mango, contains amylase

Honey, unpasteurized contains several enzymes

distases, amylase, invertase, proteases

Bananas, contain amylase and glucosidases

and are also a good source of fibre

Avocados, contain lipase and is a fruit that is

high in healthy fat and low in sugar

Kefir, contains lipase, proteases and lactase

It is a fermented milk made by adding

kefir grains to milk during fermentation

thereby creating enzymes

Sauerkraut, contains many enzymes and is also

considered a probiotic which id very

good for gut bacteria

Kimchi, contains protease, lipase and amylase

Koreans eat a lot of kimchi it is

similar to sauerkraut and kefir, they

are all very good for digestion

Miso, contains lactase, lipase, protease and

amylase. It is made from fermented

soybeans and koji a fungus. Often

served in Japanese restaurants as a

soup prior to a meal

Kiwi fruit, contains protease and actinidin similar to papain in papaya

Ginger, contains a protease 1 and 2 or also

known as zingibain or zingipain

It is important to know that enzymes are

destroyed with heat that is above 60 degrees

centigrade or 140 degrees Fahrenheit. So only eat

raw honey and don’t boil your sauerkraut.

Fountain of youth Enzymes

The 3 main digestive enzymes are,

Amylase which breaks down starches

Protease breaks down proteins

Lipase breaks down fats and is produced in the


Common side effects of taking too many enzyme

supplements include, constipation, nausea,

cramps and diarrhea.

So if you are still interested in getting some

enzymes in pill form I hope this list will be a good

guide when you head to the vitamin store or fruit

section of your local market.

Now, just a little note I believe I have mentioned

this before but just to reiterate all these vitamins

and enzymes I write about I have tried them all.

One of my favorite enzymes is serapeptase its not

only an anti-inflammatory but it dissolves dead

protein and tissue which could be affecting your

nerves causing you pain and it’s natural.

In closing

Not everyone can eat all the foods I have

mentioned because of food allergies so they will

have to take enzymes in pill form. I know this

because my wife has some food allergies like to

pineapple. I had to drive her to the hospital like

James Bond because she could not breathe, her

throat was red inside and she was talking like

Daffy Duck.

So, it’s very important to see your doctor before

taking any vitamins or enzymes. This site is for

information purposes and does not claim to be a

cure for any illness.