The Best Natural Anti Inflammatory

Natural Digestive Enzyme

The best, natural, inflammatory is actually an enzyme. It was first isolated from the silkworm in the late 1960s. It is known as Serrapeptase. It comes from the silkworms intestines, they regurgitate this enzyme and use it to break down mulberry leaves, one of their main staples, so it is easier for them to eat. They also use it to dissolve the hard cocoon before they emerge later as a moth.

This enzyme is a clean up enzyme in the body, that helps to break down plaque in your arteries. Some enzymes help to digest food and some enzymes take food and rebuild your body.

Serrapeptase is an amazing enzyme that is plant based and is completely natural and does not thin your blood but removes plaque from your blood making your blood healthier. It breaks down non-living protein, like fibrin.


Get Better Circulation

Serrapeptase helps to clean up your blood so you will have lower blood pressure which is good for you. I have personally taken Serrapeptase for over 5 years and my blood pressure is always low around a little over 100 over 60 and attribute it to taking this enzyme. I am 68 years old this December 2018 and I weigh about 185 pounds and I am 6 feet tall.

Of course, as I have said before in previous posts, you can take all the vitamins and enzymes you want, but if you eat a half pound of butter, a bag of potato chips and a liter of sugary pop every day and smoke, nothing is going to help you very much.

Serrapeptase may help still, but you will have to take more than one capsule a day (usually a 1/2 hour before a meal or 2 hours after a meal), you might have to take 10 to 20 capsules a day, but why do that just try to stop eating junk food. It’s not good for you and causes you to age prematurely.

Best Anti Inflammatory Supplement

Serrapeptase helps with pain by cleaning up scar tissue around your nerves that are causing you pain, it also breaks down fibrin in the body which contributes to blood clots.

It is also very good for Multiple Cirrhosis ( a bad liver ), and Multiple Sclerosis, and many other health problems, such as heart disease, removing fibrous cysts from breasts, and blocked fallopian tubes.

It’s also good for breast engorgement, so a mother can breast feed again, inflammatory bowel disease, lung disease, eyesight, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, reduces mucus and many more.

Serrapeptase does all this without effecting or destroying any of your cells, how amazing is that, isn’t nature wonderful!

Or, you can take Rat Poison, or the other name for it is warfarin, it helps to thin your blood but when rats eat it they bleed internally and die.

There are many warnings for humans also taking warfarin like increased risk of bleeding which can be life threatening:

Sudden headache, weak and dizzy

Bleeding gums, nosebleeds

Swelling, pain, unusual bruising

Bleeding from wounds or needle injections that won’t stop

Abnormal menstrual periods, etc.

Why would you want to take warfarin when you could take a natural substance like serrapeptase with no side effects?

Also, doctors in Germany and Japan have been prescribing serrapeptase for 25 years, why not in North America? Could it be the drug companies have something to do with this?

What Does Serrapeptase Do?

There is clinical evidence that It reduces inflammation, every time you eat something or do some stressful exercise you are creating inflammation. Serrapeptase reduces this inflammation by digesting the by products of stress in an all natural way.

How much serrapeptase should one take? Well, as with a lot of things in life, start out slowly. why, because your liver may get overloaded with removing all the toxins that it may slow down or shut down completely, so you would have to stop taking it and drink a liver cleansing tea for a few days.

Over 5 years ago when I started taking serrapeptase I took around 40,000 IU a day for about a month, the second month 60,000 IU and third month 90,000 IU and the fourth month 120,000 IU and I have been taking this amount for about 5 years now with no side effects.

Recently ( a few weeks ago ), I started taking more than one capsule of 120,000 IU in the morning one hour before breakfast, I started taking 2 capsules and 2 capsules at bedtime and my joint pain went down to almost nothing.

I was quite surprised that just a few more capsules would make that much difference and I work with my hands a lot, so it’s very important for me.

When I started taking serrapeptase over 5 years ago, I had heard that if you take one capsule a day, in a year you will have completely cleaned out all of your arteries and blood vessels.

I started taking serrapeptase because of my cold hands which my doctor called Raynard’s disease and he said their is no cure. It is a disease that causes the blood vessels in your hands in my case to narrow and reduces blood flow and your fingers turn white like mine did, quite freaky, but in some people they turn blue.

Treatment is drugs or soaking your hands in warm water, wearing gloves and avoiding the triggers like cold or certain drugs.

I didn’t believe my doctor when he said their is no cure, so I did some research and found out about Serrapeptase and I was glad I did!

After taking Serrapeptase for a few weeks I noticed a real improvement with my blood circulation in my hands. Today its something I don’t even think about. I seldom have an attack of white fingers. I may get one finger that partially turns white if it gets really cold and I’am not wearing gloves but nothing like before, so I attribute this to taking Serrapeptase!

In Conclusion

If you have any ailments like the ones I have talked about in this blog, please consult a doctor prior to trying any Serrapeptase, because everyone is different and taking an all natural product like Serrapeptase may create a bad reaction for you, so please see a doctor prior to ingesting for this article is for information purposes only and does not claim to be a cure for any sickness, thank you!